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San Francisco Union Square Cable Car

Kept Experiences was founded out of a desire to showcase the hidden gems of San Francisco to both travelers and locals. We put a tremendous amount of effort into designing a tour highlighting the city's rich history and vibrant present while providing opportunities for personal discovery. In addition to taking you on a tour of the city's historical sites, we will introduce you to trendy natural wine bars, exceptional coffee shops, top-rated restaurants, the best places to find unique souvenirs, and so much more!

Kept Experiences Rolando Tirado photo


Rolando Tirado is a San Francisco native, avid traveler, and lover of the arts with a passion for providing memorable experiences. With a background in design, he started Kept Experiences to craft unique outings that delight, inform, and challenge people's expectations. He believes Kept is the catalyst that will nudge people into appreciating the full spectrum of San Francisco through a carefully designed tour.

“I couldn’t find a company offering people a proper San Francisco tour. So Kept Experiences is my opportunity to reveal the city's amazing layers to curious guests.”

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